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Why choose Vitastem

Wound Care Treatment

Vitastem is an FDA registered drug and one of the world’s strongest topical antibiotics. Vitastem kills all harmful Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria that have been available for testing (bacteria that is associated with eczema, psoriasis, acne, diabetic wounds, cuts and others).

How is this wound care treatment so powerful?

All known antibiotics (other than Vitastem) primarily use what’s called a chemical “mechanism of kill” only, whereby the antibiotic attempts to kill the bacteria slowly by applying (if topical), or absorbing (if oral) more and more of the medicine over a period of time as it is taken as prescribed. While this can be somewhat effective, it takes much longer. Unfortunately, this also allows for bacteria to do what bacteria does: evolve and develop resistance to the medicine.

That’s where Vitastem is different…

Vitastem is a wound care treatment that uses both a chemical and a physical mechanism to kill and fight pathogens. The physical mechanism of kill is a key feature of Vitastem’s strength.

Vitastem’s patent-pending, specialized combination of ingredients has hacked the delivery formula that enables medicine to be transported at 10x the strength and depth of other products in the marketplace today. This formula stimulates the cell wall such that it is up to 10x more permeable than normal, allowing for substantially more medicine to enter into the cell, overwhelming and killing the bacteria so quickly that it does not have time to adapt and develop resistance. This highly concentrated and rapid delivery of medicine to the site of treatment is what has Vitastem patients seeing results in 24 hours versus 5 to 7 days (as is the case with other products that treat the same conditions).

In addition to treating the condition, Vitastem also infuses skin cells damaged by the infection with vitamin D3 and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Skin is left treated and rejuvenated!

Because Vitastem is a topical antibiotic, it is safer for your liver than oral OTC or prescription treatments.




  • Vitastem was originally designed over 10 years ago to heal diabetic ulcers and wounds in which it boasts 96% of patients seeing improvement within just 2 weeks, dwarfing the largest name brand Rx competitor at 50% of patients seeing improvements at 20 weeks. Vitastem has saved countless patients from amputations thus reducing their hospital stays and increasing their life expectancy.
  • Vitastem kills all known bacteria it has ever been tested against, including MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) and Staph Infection.
  • Vitastem is the only antibiotic in the world that kills with both a physical and chemical mechanism, giving it a unique ability to overcome drug resistant bacteria.
  • Vitastem has a unique ability to heal and regenerate tissue unlike any other medication on the market (see before and after pictures in case studies section).
  • Since Vitastem is a topical antibiotic it does not have the same ill-effects on the internal organs of the body as oral antibiotics. For example, unlike oral antibiotics, Vitastem will not harm the kidneys or the good bacteria in the stomach.
  • In the era of Corona virus, Ebola and Swine Flu, and when 80% of the world’s antibiotics are made in China, our product is proudly Made in the USA where pharmaceutical standards and quality are the finest the world has to offer.