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Vitastem Ultra™ for Infections

Infected Wound Care

The doctors and scientists behind Vitastem Ultra™ have spent decades treating some of the most severe varieties of infections. Vitastem Ultra™’s amazing results may best be displayed in the restoration of life that takes place as a result of helping patients avoid amputations, healing debilitating wound infections, and restoring mobility to many patients across the world.

Even when treating the most severe infections, Vitastem Ultra™ is able to:

  • Prevent infection
  • Restore and improve blood flow to damaged cells
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support tissue growth
  • Cleanse and kill bacteria in the affected areas

While most infections are not quite so traumatic, Vitastem Ultra™ guarantees that you’ll never need another general first aid ointment for cuts and wounds and infections, large or small, ever again!  Whether a slice of the finger while peeling a potato, a backyard improvement casualty, or a diabetic wound, Vitastem Ultra™ delivers the same infected wound care results and relief!

How is it so powerful?

All known antibiotics (other than Vitastem Ultra™) primarily use what’s called a chemical “mechanism of kill” only, whereby the antibiotic attempts to kill the bacteria slowly by applying (if topical), or absorbing (if oral) more and more of the medicine over a period of time as it is taken as prescribed. While this can be somewhat effective, it takes much longer.  Unfortunately, this also allows for bacteria to do what bacteria does: evolve and develop resistance to the medicine.

That’s where Vitastem Ultra™ is different…

Vitastem Ultra™ uses both a chemical and a physical mechanism to kill and fight pathogens.  The physical mechanism of kill is a key feature of Vitastem Ultra™’s strength. 

Vitastem Ultra™’s patent-pending, specialized combination of ingredients has hacked the delivery formula that enables the active ingredient, 3% tetracycline, to be transported at 10x the strength and depth of other products in the marketplace today.  

In addition to treating the condition, Vitastem Ultra™ also infuses skin cells damaged by the infection with vitamin D3 and vitamin C.   


Chronic Foot Infection Day 0 Vs. Day 10

Toe Day 0 vs Day 22

Foot Day 0 vs Day 32


Impetigo Infection - Child Age 10