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Reviews for Vitastem Ultra™

Reviews for Vitastem Ultra™

Read the reviews for Vitastem Ultra™ and see what our customers are saying about us! These people have used Vitastem Ultra™ to treat diabetic wounds, psoriasis, eczema, surgical wounds, burns, acne, and other skin conditions. When you want a skin treatment that can heal scar tissue after surgery and reduce the appearance of scars, in addition to the other benefits it provides, Vitastem Ultra™ is the product to use. Shop for Vitastem Ultra™ now!

Diagnosed With Eczema As A Baby

My daughter Erin was diagnosed with eczema as a baby and had occasional breakouts throughout her childhood. Last year, at the age of 16 she began having severe eczema breakouts that actually appeared to blister. I began to research possible causes and found out some food allergies affect eczema, so we began allergy testing while the breakouts continued to get worse. Beyond the typical cats, dogs and pollen allergies, she was also diagnosed with severe contact allergies. She is allergic to the chemicals, sorbitan sesquioleate, di alpha tocopherol,, ethyl acrylate, and glutaraldehyde, all chemicals readily found in soaps, lotions, and hair products as well as other beauty products. Despite vicariously reading labels, we have found several of these chemicals under a variety of other names. Yes, my daughter cannot even use chapstick without her lips tingling. The dermatologist prescribed triamcinolone acetonide ointment USP, which has a steroid compound to clear her breakouts and “bleach baths” because of the increase risk of staph infections with eczema. Of course as a parent the possibility of constantly using steroidal creams is a concern. We tried Vitastem Ultra™ after a sample was given to us by a friend. Erin found that after daily use some of her smaller breakouts cleared after a couple of days, and the more severe ones after 10-15. Addtionaly, she was also diagnosed with genetic ichthyosis; however, we have not applied the Vitastem Ultra™ to that issue. One of the best outcomes is that she didn’t have some of the scarring after using the Vitastem Ultra™ that she had from other breakouts. Teenagers can be very self confident about their appearance, and since we now have the duration of her breakouts under control with the use of Vitastem Ultra™, along with with reduction in scarring, my daughter’s confidence has grown and she has transformed back to her radiant self!"

– Deborah Mills - Toledo, OH

Impetigo Infection Treated With Vitastem Ultra™

My son had a bad case of impetigo on his ear and I was really worried he would not be able to wrestle in his upcoming tournament. I started applying Vitastem Ultra™ to his ear on Monday 3 times a day and by Friday it was completely gone. I was amazed and I am a strong believer of Vitastem Ultra™

– Alex S, Huntington Beach, CA

Diabetic Foot Wound Testimonial

Here’s the last photo I took of dad’s foot… The home health nurse, Linda, called yesterday – she said next Wed. will be the last day she has to go there for Dad’s foot – She is amazed too that it was healed! She said she was surprised the doctors here don’t seem to share that feeling of “great news” that we feel and she suggested I send photos to that surgeon who wanted to chop dad’s foot off last May. Anyway, thanks SO much.

Diane (daughter of a diabetic wound patient treated with Vitastem Ultra™)


My name is Chris and I have been suffering with dry, peeling, itchy, painful hands for years. The doctor diagnosed it as eczema but none of the treatments she offered to me made any difference. It felt like I tried every cream, herb, and gel on the market. To make matters more difficult, I am an electrician and work with my hands every day. They take a real beating so it seemed like every time I found a treatment that might work, the healing wouldn’t stick because I spend so many hours a day being rough on my hands. I wasn’t very hopeful when I started using Vitastem Ultra™. But after about a week i started noticing a real improvement. The cuts on my hands started clearing up and more importantly, they stayed that way. The color of my palms went from dark inflamed red to a healthy functioning skin tone. I was amazed. I stand by this product and would recommend it to anyone dealing with hard to treat skin issues.

– Chris, San Diego CA

It is true

I am a 57 year old male and had a couple of heart stents put in 5 years ago. The circulation in my feet isn’t great. I’ll stub my to and my toenail stays black, literally, for 6 to 9 months

I have tried Vitastem Ultra™ twice in the last 6 months. The first time I used it I was going barefoot while washing my car and stubbed my big toe on a curb. It wasn’t healing after 3 or 4 days and I could hardly walk. I was using Neosporin and peroxide. I remembered I had a sample vile of Vitastem Ultra™ in a drawer so I put it on once a day for 3 days. I couldn’t believe it but I could walk and the injury had started to scab. The second and most recent time I used it I had cut the bottom of my foot walking barefoot in the park with my granddaughter. It hurt like heck to walk. I used the same Neosporin and peroxide treatment…. I forgot I had the Vitastem Ultra™. Again, it wasn’t healing and I remembered the Vitastem Ultra™. I used it 2 days and it was virtually healed.

This sounds like all BS but it is true and yes I probably shouldn’t go barefoot anymore. I’d take a lie detector test or truth serum if needed to validate my summary of the success I have had with Vitastem Ultra™. I will not forget Vitastem Ultra™ again and I will use it on all of my skin injuries from now on.


Struggled with Chronic Cystic Acne For Years…

I have struggled with painful cystic acne for years, and tried pretty much every product out there – after just three weeks of using Vitastem Ultra™ twice a day, I have no new breakouts and even the older red marks are quickly fading. I’m now receiving compliments on how healthy and glowing my skin looks. Thank you!!!

– H.A., San Diego, CA

I’m Forever Grateful!

My 6 year old daughter broke out with an infection for the very first time. The infection was on her forehead about the size of two nickels. The infected area had pus filled sores that ruptured that caused a very large scab. Vitastem Ultra™ saved my daughters skin! It took 17 days to clear up the infection. I couldn’t believe when the scabs were falling off the skin underneath it was her natural colored skin with no blemishes, pinkness, etc. Vitastem Ultra™ ointment helped my little girl look normal again. I’m forever grateful!"

– Alex S, Huntington Beach, CA

Metal Allergy Infection (Wound Care)

“I don’t have a picture for you but I wanted to share with you the success I had with Vitastem Ultra™. I have had a chronic infection or irritation in my right ear at the sight of the ear piercing. It is so irritated that it is very painful to put an earring into the ear. The few times I have gritted my teeth and have worn the earrings, I found at the end of the day that my ear was swollen and very red. For several days following, my ear drained pus and was painful. Last week I wore some earrings. It hurt putting the earring in and taking it out as always. I rubbed Vitastem Ultra™ on the front and back of the ear where the earring goes in and the next morning I found that not only was my ear not red and sore but there was no pus and the ear was back to normal size. I have worn earrings a few times since then and have had no problem at all with my ear. I have to say that I am amazed

Shannon, a woman with metal allergy infection

Vitastem Ultra™ worked wonders on this finger wound.

My friend had cut off the end of his finger, and I had put black wound-stop on it to stop the bleeding. He thought he would be fingernail-less for life, but the entire nail grew back and his finger looks good as new. Highly recommend!

– Lynn Marie M. Physician at VA Hospital, San Diego, CA



I’m just writing to say how impressed I am with how fast Vitastem Ultra™ is clearing up my acne, Ive struggled with adult acne for years and no cleanser or treatment has worked before.

In less than a week of using Vitastem Ultra™ my acne is going away and I’ve had the clearest skin I have ever had!!

Its amazing!!!!


Vitastem Ultra™ Cured my Nasal Vestibulitis in Just ONE Day

Vitastem Ultra™ cured my Nasal Vestibulitis in just ONE day! Neosporin always took 4-5 days. I often work in unsanitary conditions and have suffered through many cases of Nasal Vestibulitis which is quite painful and annoying. I purchased a bottle of Vitastem Ultra™ some weeks back to have as a “just in case” and now I’m extremely glad I did. Many thanks to Vitastem Ultra™!

Vitastem Doctor Testimonials

I used Vitastem on a few patients with injuries or post op complications of the surgical wounds and in all of them I had improvement on the healing process and control of the infectious process. This is really a very good product to use in my daily practice.”

– Francisco Arroyo, MD
– Sport Med FIFA Medical Centre, Jalisco, Mexico

We have a patient that is allergic to Mupirocin, Neosporin BAC, and Poly. She was able to use Vitastem with great results.”

– Michael Mancuso, MD 
– University Hospital of Cleveland, Solon, OH, United States

My experience with Vitastem, as well as that of my patients, has been especially good.  Ease of application and positive results make the patients especially happy”

– Gary Cramer, DPM
– Gatesville, TX, United States

I’ve used Vitastem on a necrotic infected anterior leg ulcer.  It really seemed to decrease bacterial burden and in addition to periodic wound debridement and dressing changes I feel Vitastem significantly improved the appearance and health of the wound.   The patient felt like it was easy to use and tolerated it well”

– Craig Cortese, DPM 
– Cortese Foot & Ankle, Normal, IL, Unites States

Vitastem has been a miracle worker on my patients wounds. In the 9 months, I have been using it I have not seen one infection to the wounds. Patients love it, so do I. Easy application and extremely effective.”

-Judi Miller, FNP
– Wound Pros, Phoenix, AZ, United States

This medication is the best topical ointment I have ever seen in my 40 years of Medicine. The results are literally unbelievable. Below is severe head wound that we treated with Vitastem. Patient fell 5 months prior. Wound would not heal. Nurse cleaned it up and applied Vitastem 3 x a day for a week”

-Dr Owen Ellington, MD
– Houston, TX, United States

We just saw a patient today that has been using Vitastem for a month now, on a chronic venous leg ulcer. He has been consistently using Vitastem every day, [only] once a day [protocol is 3x/day]. He has had great results, and his ulcer has decreased in size drastically”

-Alexandria Zandi, DPM
– Palmetto General Hospital, FL, United States

Vitastem works great! Here’s an example [of a diabetic ulcer]:””

-Steve Rodriguez, LVN
– Wound Pros, Houston, TX, United States