VitaStem A Revolution in Wound Care

VitaStem is an FDA registered drug with a proven track record of treating everything from scrapes and cuts to flesh eating bacteria, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and more! This clinically tested topical ointment uses a revolutionary patent pending delivery system to transport the healing medicine at 10 times the strength and depth of all other products in the marketplace today.

VitaStem worked wonders on this finger wound

My friend had cut off the end of his finger, and I had put black wound-stop on it to stop the bleeding. He thought he would be fingernail-less for life, but the entire nail grew back and his finger looks good as new. Highly recommend!

– Chris, San Diego CA


Vitastem Has Been Shown Effective On

Wound Care

The doctors and scientists behind Vitastem have spent a decade treating one of the most severe varieties of wounds: diabetic foot wounds. Vitastem’s amazing results may best be displayed in the restoration of life that takes place as a result of helping patients avoid amputations, healing debilitating wound infections, and restoring mobility to many patients across the world.


Infected Wound Care

Anyone who has ever had a cut get infected knows how painful and dangerous it can be. VitaStem uses it’s patent pending technology to get the infection fighting medicine you need where it is needed at 10 times the strength and depth of other products on the market today. This means faster and more effective healing every time!



Vitastem brings relief and healing to first, second, and third degree burns at 10 times the rate (12 hours versus 5 to 7 days) of most other products. The action of the active ingredient, tetracycline, quickly fights all the bacteria in the region of application. The human body harbors thousands of bacteria types under normal conditions, most of which are harmless under normal conditions, but may become weak pathogens in injured tissue.



Acne effects millions of Americans and beyond the self-consciousness it can cause it can be quite painful. VitaStem has been proven effective in quickly treating acne and reducing acne scars. No more need for harsh chemicals, lengthy nightly rituals, or expensive years long treatment plans. VitaStemcan show results in as little as 2 weeks!



Anyone who has ever dealt with the itchy, dry, rough, flakey, inflamed and irritated skill associated with eczema knows that when a flare up occurs finding relief can seem like a hopeless cause. That relief is possible with VitaStem!



If you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to find relief from the itchy sore patches caused by Psoriasis and found no relief VitaStem can help. VitaStem has been shown to be very effective in relieving the symptoms of Psoriasis when nothing else would work.



Vitastem is an FDA registered drug and one of the world’s strongest topical antibiotics. Vitastem kills all harmful bacteria that have been available for testing and that associated with conditions such as wounds, cuts, scrapes, and burns.

  • Active Ingredient (in each gram): Tetracycline Hydrochloride 30mg
  • Inactive Ingredients: Acetic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, chlorhexidine gluconate, cholecalciferol, dimethyl sulfoxide, dipropylene glycol, glucono delta lactone, GLYCERIN, histidine, hydroxethylc-cellulose, magnesium stearate, methylparaben, sodium hydroxide, sorbic acid, steric acid, water.
Vitastem is registered with the FDA as a first aid antibiotic to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. In addition, our research and customer feedback have shown success in treating the symptoms common with secondary infections associated with eczema, psoriasis, acne, chronic wounds, diabetic wounds, and a host of bacterial infections. However, Vitastem is NOT FDA approved to treat those conditions.
Yes. Vitastem has over 10 years of clinical testing and behind it. It was developed by a team of scientists and physicians with a combined experience of 60 years in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Wound Care. In the lab, Vitastem has demonstrated a 99% efficacy rate in killing all harmful bacteria on which it has been tested. This includes MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria), VRE, Pseudomonas to name just a few. Vitastem is recommended by both physicians and patients worldwide and has been found effective in treating a variety of skin conditions.lick edit button to change this text.

While speed of results varies depending on the severity of the condition, many see dramatic results within the first 24 hours. Vitastem often helps heal conditions that have been difficult to treat even with prescription medications.

Vitastem is a non-invasive topical ointment for a variety of serious and painful skin conditions and wounds. Although there have been little to no reported side effects from using Vitastem, adhering to the following precautions is still advisable:

  • Anyone allergic to tetracycline should not use Vitastem.
  • Do not use this product if allergic to any ingredient listed on the label.
  • Warning: For external use only.
  • May be harmful if swallowed.
  • Do not use in eyes.
  • Do not use longer than one week unless directed by a physician.
  • Ask a doctor before use if you have deep puncture wounds, animal bites, or serious trauma. Stop use and ask a doctor if condition persists or gets worse.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison control Center right away.

Apply a small amount of this product, usually just one drop (an amount equal to the surface area of the tip of a finger) on the area 2 to 3 times daily. Rub into skin well for about 30 seconds. May be covered with a Band-Aid if needed.
A 15 ml bottle of Vitastem contains approximately 500 drops. Depending on the skin condition, frequency of application and the amount of the surface area covered, a 15ml bottle of Vitastem generally lasts approximately 1 to 6 months. Vitastem has a shelf life of TWO years, so one bottle goes a very long way.
Vitastem is an OTC topical anti-biotic and is FDA registered for the treatment of skin infections, minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Disclaimer: Most OTC drugs are not reviewed and approved by the FDA, however they may be marketed if they comply with applicable regulations and policies. FDA has not evaluated whether this product complies.

Vitastem is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that manufactures products under the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance. As a fully licensed over-the-counter drug manufacturer, our contract manufacturer is dedicated to ensuring that Vitastem performs to its maximum potential and meets the highest standards. The state-of-the-art equipment and processes are designed for reliability and efficiency.
Yes. Vitastem is considered safe for people with sensitive skin.


Impetigo Infection Treated With Vitastem

My son had a bad case of impetigo on his ear and I was really worried he would not be able to wrestle in his upcoming tournament. I started applying Vitastem to his ear on Monday 3 times a day and by Friday it was completely gone. I was amazed and I am a strong believer of Vitastem

– Alex S, Huntington Beach, CA

I’m Forever Grateful!

My 6 year old daughter broke out with an infection for the very first time. The infection was on her forehead about the size of two nickels. The infected area had pus filled sores that ruptured that caused a very large scab. Vitastem saved my daughters skin! It took 17 days to clear up the infection. I couldn’t believe when the scabs were falling off the skin underneath it was her natural colored skin with no blemishes, pinkness, etc. Vitastem ointment helped my little girl look normal again. I’m forever grateful!”

– Alex S, Huntington Beach, CA

Diabetic Foot Wound Testimonial

Here’s the last photo I took of dad’s foot… The home health nurse, Linda, called yesterday – she said next Wed. will be the last day she has to go there for Dad’s foot – She is amazed too that it was healed! She said she was surprised the doctors here don’t seem to share that feeling of “great news” that we feel and she suggested I send photos to that surgeon who wanted to chop dad’s foot off last May. Anyway, thanks SO much.

Diane (daughter of a diabetic wound patient treated with VitaStem)


Hi, I’m just writing to say how impressed I am with how fast Vitastem is clearing up my acne, Ive struggled with adult acne for years and no cleanser or treatment has worked before. In less than a week of using Vitastem my acne is going away and I’ve had the clearest skin I have ever had!! Its amazing!!!!


Diagnosed With Eczema As A Baby

My daughter Erin was diagnosed with eczema as a baby and had occasional breakouts throughout her childhood. Last year, at the age of 16 she began having severe eczema breakouts that actually appeared to blister. I began to research possible causes and found out some food allergies affect eczema, so we began allergy testing while the breakouts continued to get worse. Beyond the typical cats, dogs and pollen allergies, she was also diagnosed with severe contact allergies. She is allergic to the chemicals, sorbitansesquioleate, di alpha tocopherol,, ethyl acrylate, and glutaraldehyde, all chemicals readily found in soaps, lotions, and hair products as well as other beauty products. Despite vicariously reading labels, we have found several of these chemicals under a variety of other names. Yes, my daughter cannot even use chapstick without her lips tingling. The dermatologist prescribed triamcinolone acetonide ointment USP, which has a steroid compound to clear her breakouts and “bleach baths” because of the increase risk of staph infections with eczema. Of course as a parent the possibility of constantly using steroidal creams is a concern. We tried Vitastem after a sample was given to us by a friend. Erin found that after daily use some of her smaller breakouts cleared after a couple of days, and the more severe ones after 10-15. Addtionaly, she was also diagnosed with genetic ichthyosis; however, we have not applied the Vitastem to that issue. One of the best outcomes is that she didn’t have some of the scarring after using the Vitastem that she had from other breakouts. Teenagers can be very self confident about their appearance, and since we now have the duration of her breakouts under control with the use of Vitastem, along with with reduction in scarring, my daughter’s confidence has grown and she has transformed back to her radiant self!”

– Deborah Mills – Toledo, OH